Silky Story

SilkyVietnam was formed from the suggestion of Professor Thai Quang Trung - a French-Vietnamese cultural scholar. The professor repeatedly talked about the need to restore Vietnam's once highly developed mulberry growing, silkworm rearing, and silk weaving industries.

After many research trips, many days of research and meetings with leading silk experts throughout Vietnam, finally stopping in Bao Loc - Lam Dong, Ms. Pham Diep Anh decided to build a standard clean silk brand. Viet from the capital of Vietnam's mulberry industry.

The name SilkyVietnam was chosen on October 20, 2015 and the domain name was also registered on the same day.

SilkyVietnam chooses a product line that is 100% silk, of high quality and is a clean product that does not harm the environment. We are determined to pursue this not easy path with the hope that Vietnamese consumers, along with eating clean and drinking clean, will soon have access to the trend of clean wearing and sustainable fashion consumption. With this eco product line, SilkyVietnam believes that in the near future, the world will increasingly know and widely use high-quality clean silk products originating from Vietnam.


  • Only deliver to customers real products, standard quality, completely natural
  • Respect harmony with nature and society, harmonize interests between businesses - partners - customers.
  • Providing 5* standard service, taking love as the starting point to serve customers and the community.


We appreciate the diligence of each silkworm, each mulberry farmer, silkworm breeder, the ingenuity of the silk reeler, the diligence of the yarn spinner, weaver, the hard work and dedication of the worker. dyeing the fabric, the endless creativity of the designer, the meticulousness and meticulousness of the tailor and embroiderer.
We are grateful for our customers' acceptance and understanding. Because with SilkyVietnam's products made from 100% clean Vietnamese standard silk and dyed completely naturally, customers are not just ordinary consumers but ethical consumers who have patience and love good prices. natural treatment.



SilkyVietnam's silk products are spun and woven using advanced Japanese technology.

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SilkyVietnam silk is hand-dyed entirely with natural ingredients.

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Appreciating traditional Vietnamese handicrafts, SilkyVietnam wants to bring hand-painted, hand-embroidered, and spun-fiber designs to its products.

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