Dear beautiful!

Let’s ask ourselves one question: In an average life span of 60-80 years, do you want to own hundreds, maybe millions, pieces of clothes that usually get worn out after a few wears and quickly go out of style? Or, do you want to own some real timeless pieces with a lifetime durability, which make you feel elegant always? Guess you would not be so sure until you really try on some of our designs made from the finest quality eco silk.


Silk is difficult to take care of?

Silk is a very delicate fabric?

Silk is unpleasant to wear?

NOT AT ALL !! Real silk resists dirt and stains with durable and resilient qualities. All you have to do is to dry clean or hand wash your silks and not leave it in the sun. Silk is a versatile fabric that performs well in the summertime heat. Beyond the fact that it keeps you quite cool in warm weather, It’s also lightweight and ideal for travel.

Wearing Silky Vietnam is definitely a no-brainer. Our clothes are made with natural silk fibers, loosen cut and plant-based dyes. It takes so much more time and work to produce such organic silk. Fruits, leaves and trunk shells are collected seasonally to produce the best color payoffs on our fabric. We’ve created the perfect wear to keep you looking and feeling effortlessly graceful and comfortable.

Silk qualities can vary from 3 wears lasting kind to a lifetime lasting kind. Our silk can go with you through years and together with our designs, promise to be your significant look making you stand out from the ground all the time.

Now, choose wisely!

Life is too short to wear anything but Silky Vietnam!

Hold your nature,

Silky Vietnam

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